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(A) graduation institutions and academic requirements
Full-time (previous) master's degree, undergraduate, college, secondary school graduates; higher vocational, primary vocational college graduates.
Work experience is preferred. Industry or field of specialty and outstanding personnel, comes with the project's technical staff is a special policy, preferential treatment.

(B) specialty requirements
Biological engineering, biochemical specialty
Chemical engineering, chemical technology, chemical equipment, chemical automation, chemical safety specialty
Safety engineering, environmental engineering specialty
Accounting specialty
Instrumental analysis
Electrical engineering specialty
Automatic control instrument class specialty
International Trade (Foreign Language)
Marketing, network marketing specialty
Human Resource Management
Production management specialty

(C) Basic requirements
Have a correct world view, outlook on life, values
EQ, IQ is normal
Honest and trustworthy, good character
No bad habits, no bad habits
The course is solid and the exam results are good
Have a sense of teamwork, with the spirit of hard work
Have the ability to communicate, learn, analyze and solve problems
Physical health, requiring the county people's hospital above (including) the physical examination results, the test indicators normal
Normal Physical quality, psychological quality