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Ethyl acetate

Product Name: Ethyl acetate (Food Additive)
Physical properties: This product is colorless transparent flow volatile flammable liquid, with a strong cool pineapple aroma and wine flavor. Melting point -83.4 ℃, boiling point 77.15 ℃, flash point 25 ℃. Natural products exist in the pineapple volatile oil and rice wine, wine, brandy, rum and so on.
Main uses: China GB2760-86 provides for the use of edible spices. Mainly used for incense, persimmon astringent, the production of spices particles or tablets, vinegar ingredients. Widely used in the preparation of cherries, peaches, apricots and other fruit-based flavor and brandy wine flavor. Also used as gelatin gum vinyl acetate's solvent, pigment thinner, also used for decaffeinated coffee, tea and fruits, vegetables and so on.
Product quality: national standard "GB 1886.190-2016 food safety national standard food additives Ethyl acetate"