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Industrial acetic anhydride

Product Name: Industrial acetic anhydride 
Physical properties: This product is colorless transparent liquid, with strong smell of acetic acid, taste acid, hygroscopic. Melting point -73 ° C, boiling point 139 ° C, flash point 49 ° C, ignition point 400 ° C. Low toxicity; flammable, corrosive, tearful.

Main uses:Used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of synthetic fungus furazolidone, dibenzoil, caffeine and aspirin, sulfa drugs, etc .; in the dye industry, the use of cellulose, Mainly used in the production of disperse dark blue HCL, scattered red S-SWEL, scattered yellow brown S-2REL, etc .; in the spice industry for the production of coumarin, acetic acid methyl ester, sunflower musk, cedar acetate, , Phenylethyl acetate, geranyl acetate, etc .; acetyl acetate produced by acetic anhydride, is the polymerization initiator and bleach.

Product quality: national standard "GB / T10668-2000 Industrial acetic anhydride"