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Industrial acetaldehyde

Product name: Industrial acetaldehyde (99%), 40% acetaldehyde
Physical properties: This product is flow colorless liquid under normal pressure, with irritating odor. Melting point -121 ° C, boiling point 20.8 ° C. Flammable and volatile, vapor and air can form explosive mixtures. With spicy, ether-like smell, diluted can offer fruit, coffee incense, wine, green incense.
Main uses: Basic element of organic synthesis
Organic synthesis: acetaldehyde is a two-carbon reagent, an electrophilic reagent, as a synthesizer of CH3CH (OH), with chiral; it is condensed with three parts of formaldehyde to produce pentaerythritol C (CH2OH) 4; with Grignard reagent and The organic lithium reagent reacts to form an alcohol.
Strecker amino acid synthesis: acetaldehyde and cyanide and ammonia condensation hydrolysis, the synthesis of alanine.
Acetaldehyde can also be constructed heterocyclic ring system: formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, triacetaldehyde and ammonia reaction to produce pyridine, picoline, pyridine derivatives.
Acetaldehyde can produce trichloroacetaldehyde by chlorination .
Product quality: t enterprise standards "Q / GG GJY001-2017 industrial acetaldehyde"