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Industrial liquid Carbon dioxide

Product Name: Industrial liquid Carbon dioxide 
Physical properties: This product is colorless and odorless at room temperature odorless gas. Common name carbonic acid, carbonic anhydride or carbonic anhydride. Density slightly larger than the air, slightly soluble in water, and generate carbonic acid. Non - toxic, but it is a choking gas. When the carbon content of air reaches 10%, it will make people breathe gradually stop, and finally suffocated.
Main uses: 
Extinguish: make Carbon dioxide extinguisher.
Refrigerant: solid Carbon dioxide (dry ice).
Artificial rainfall: the use of aircraft to spray dry ice in high air can condense the water vapor in the air, thus creating artificial rainfall.
Industrial raw materials: in chemical industry, Carbon dioxide is used to produce pure alkali, baking soda, urea, Carbon pigment lead and white etc.
In light industry, use high pressure to dissolve more Carbon dioxide, can be used to produce carbonated drinks, beer, soda, etc.
Food storage: use Carbon dioxide storage of food because of oxygen and Carbon dioxide itself inhibitory effect, can effectively prevent food bacteria, mold, insect growth, avoid bad and harmful to health of peroxide, and can keep fresh and maintain the original flavor and nutrition food.
Liquid fuel: in a research experiment.
Plant photosynthetic materials: in nature, Carbon dioxide ensures the photosynthesis of green plants and the respiration of phytoplankton in the ocean.
Dry cleaning: the liquid Carbon dioxide dry cleaning solvent is an industrial by-product, which is used only before its return to nature and does not increase the concentration of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Gas fertilizer: Carbon dioxide as a gas fertilizer.
The development of gas fertilizer is mainly Carbon dioxide, because Carbon dioxide is an essential raw material for photosynthesis.
Within a certain range.
The higher the concentration of Carbon dioxide, the greater the photosynthesis of plants, so Carbon dioxide is the best fertilizer.
Polycarbon dioxide: a new type of synthetic material being studied. Monomer with Carbon dioxide as raw materials under the effect of double metal coordination PBM catalysts, activated to a higher level, and epoxide copolymerization reaction, generate aliphatic polycarbonate (PPC), through the post-processing, get Carbon dioxide resin material.
Product quality:

national standard "GB / T6052-2011 Industrial liquid Carbon dioxide"
Or chemical industry standards "HG / T2537-1993 Welding carbon dioxide"