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Anhydrous ethanol

Product Name: Anhydrous ethanol 
Physical properties: This product is ethanol aqueous solution with more than 99.5% ethanol content , colorless clear liquid. There is burning flavor. Easy to flow. Easily absorb moisture from the air; form azeotropic mixture with water. Melting point -114.1 ℃. Atmospheric boiling point 78.5 ℃, flash point 13 ℃ (closed cup). Flammable, vapor and air can form explosive mixtures

Main uses:As an important organic solvent, it is widely used in pharmaceutical, paint, hygienic products, cosmetics, oil and other fields; as an important basic chemical raw materials for the manufacture of acetaldehyde, butyraldehyde, butyraldehyde, butanol, B Diene, ethylamine, butadiene, vinyl chloride, etc., derived from medicine, dyes, coatings, spices, synthetic rubber, detergents, pesticides and other products of many intermediate products, its products up to 300 the above. As an energy material, use ethanol as fuel for gasoline or blending gasoline (10% or more) to save gasoline.

Product quality: national standard "GB / T678-2002 ethanol (Anhydrous ethanol)"Or enterprise standard (to be determined), industry standard (to be determined)