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Industrial alcohol

Product Name: Industrial alcohol 
Physical properties: This product is ethanol aqueous solution with more than 95% ethanol content, is a flammable, volatile colorless transparent liquid, low toxicity; with a special flavor, and slightly stimulated; slightly sweet, and accompanied by stimulating spicy taste. Flammable, the vapor can form an explosive mixture with the air, miscible with the water. It can be miscible with chloroform, ether, methanol, acetone and most other organic solvents.
Main use: for the printing industry, electronics, hardware, spices, chemicals, pesticides, veterinary drugs, pharmaceutical synthesis (except food, medicine, cosmetics and other special industries). Can be used as a cleaning agent, solvent. Because industrial alcohol contains a small amount of methanol, aldehydes, organic acids and other impurities, not for drinks, food or food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals.
Product quality: 
national standards "GB / T394.1-2008 Industrial alcohol"