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Dear friends:
Welcome to our website!

Thank you and the history to give us the opportunities; with the deepening of the network environment, information technology brings us a new way of thinking. This site is a window and bridge. You can provide us with rich, timely information, and we sincerely listen to the user's criticism and suggestions.

China's accession to WTO, economic globalization, so that all Chinese enterprises are facing enormous opportunities and challenges in the new round of competition, the industry will be re-sorted by the global competitiveness standards, only the best companies can survive in the future competition.

"Constant self-innovation" is our eternal theme. Looking back, we have been struggling to overcome the difficulties, but we firmly believe that our own way, and continue to go healthily. We should carry forward the factors of success ahead, carry forward the dedication, excellence, progress, responsibility, integrity, integrity, dedication' taking our core values as the guide, we aim for the sustainable development of enterprise; looking to the future to achieve our goal, the most important thing is to insist on change & innovation, and keep the vitality of organization by maintaining the passion of staff. The successful experiences of the enterprise have proved that only those companies who grasp innovation opportunities, and constantly go beyond themselves and beyond the success, can get long-term development.

We know that the road to the development of Jinyuan is still very wide, and long way to go, which urge all friends to support the proposal and give platform. We firmly believe that history is written by those who make full use of development space and opportunities from the times and continue to make innovation. The realization of our vision goals, this is the responsibility and mission that history and you give us. Let us join hands to work hard to create a better tomorrow for mankind.