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Guangxi Jinyuan Biochemical Group Co., Ltd. was established in June 2005. Headquartered in the Changan industrial concentration area of Guiping City in Guangxi province, our Group enjoys very convenient transportation: we are 5km from the Guiping exit of Cangshuo Expressway, 10km from the downtown of Guiping City, 70km from Guigang City, 98km to Yulin City, 150km to Wuzhou City,165km to Liuzhou City, 210km to Nanning City and 400km to Guangzhou; moreover, Nanning, Guangzhou high-speed rail passes through Guiping city. At present, our Group has developed into a modern enterprise with businesses in diversified fields: A, the production of ethanol, butanol series of biomass energy and related biological chemical products; B, real estate, property management, logistics and investment; now, we have nine subsidiaries and a total registered Capital of CNY 300 million.

Group factory is close to Yujiang River, and there are dangerous goods ports, cargo fleet and transport fleet working for our group.

As a high-tech enterprise of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, our Group is a commitment unit of national Spark Program project. No,w our main products include food industry raw materials, food additives, Veterinary Drugs and feed additives, plastic processing auxiliaries, fine chemical raw materials, basic chemical raw materials, biodegradable materials, biochemical products and other fields; the by-products are biogas, bio-organic fertilizers, protein feeds and other products.

Our Group cooperates with Guangxi University to establish "Guangxi bio-based chemical engineering technology research center"; We invite the team of academician Tan Tianwei (Chinese Academy of Engineering) to build "Jinyuan company 'biological manufacturing' academician workstation ', which owns strong capabilities of technological innovation and industrialization; this station has finished "national Spark Program projects" and other major scientific research projects, and obtained a number of innovative technological achievements. Through the model of production, university and research, our Group establishes long-term relations of cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Guangxi University and other research institutes.

With rights of import and export business, we own advantages both on international and domestic markets. According to the different demands of customers, we can provide personalized custom services and product value-added services. Through using the marketing model of combining channel sales with terminal services, we have owned stable customer base and market network.

Our Group now has two logistics companies, Guiping City Jinyuan Logistics Co., Ltd. is located in the Changan industrial concentration area of Guiping City, with 10 dangerous goods vehicles (including 6 sets of 31 tons , 3 sets of 25 tons and one set of 34 tons). Moreover, it has 9 sets of Concrete mixer trucks (25 tons), 2 sets of concrete delivery trucks. Guangxi Guangyuan Logistics Co., Ltd. is located in the Xinlong village of Baisha town at the left bank of Yujiang River of Guiping City; its Xinlong port is 33 kilometers from the Guiping Maliutan key water control project, and 24 kilometers from the downtown of Guiping city. Covers an area of 154,744sqm, our port has built 132 meters of using coastline, one 3,000 tons of berth with 165 meters of land depth; this port is the first standard terminal of Guiping City for container and bulk cargo. We has completed more than 2,780 square meters of yards, equipped with one 16 tons and one 50 tonnage of portal cranes, a container reach stacker and a forklift; moreover, we can handle the input and output of container and bulk cargo at one time; it is estimated we annually can handle 2 million tons of cargos. Therefore our Group enjoy unique advantages both on the transportation and sales of raw materials and products due to professional wharf, developed inland water transportation and transportation.

Up to now, our Group has developed more than 2 million square meters of real estates, which have become the landmarks of Jinyuan New City, including Jinyuan New City, Jinyuan Huafu, Xinsheng Jiayuan Residential Community, Riverview Garden residential area, Guiping City agricultural products manufacturing place wholesale market, Guiping City PuLing affordable housing Project, Guiping City Huayuan big market, Guiping City Hanlin. Garden and other projects, etc. At the same time, our Group actively explores other industries to find new opportunities to open up new roads for the Group to get growth and long-term development.

Adhering to the business purposes of "being people-oriented, quality supreme; integrity-based, win-win development" , our company constantly taps the potential transformation, improves internal management, strengthens the introduction of high technologies of technical team of academician, collaborates to make innovation and improves our competitiveness; we work to get sustainable development based on "smart" manufacturing, circular economy and clean production.